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Pavlos Chatziangelidis created the 314 architecture studio on 2004. He studied civil engineer in National technical university of Athens 1996-2002 and architecture engineer in university of Thessaly 2006-2012. He has also a Master of Arts degree 2004. His work is published in architecture books TV productions and web press all over the world.

The name of the studio, 314, in inspired from the mathematic symbol π = 3,14 that is used to count the area of the circle. This reference is related to the philosophical dimension of the concept of circle. The basic characteristic of the architecture that the 314 produces beside the ecological social and programmatic dimensions of the project is the creation of a shell that urges the user to experience an abstraction.


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Location of Permises

Head office: Pyrgou 45-47, Golf Glyfadas, Athens, Greece, Europe, 166 75
Workshop: Mpotsari 12, Glyfada, Athens, Greece, Europe, 166 75
Mob: 6947727229
Website: 314.gr · E-mail: 314architecturestudio@gmail.com

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